Plated 3 1851-57 ~ Enlarged Photos

Last updated on April 29, 2004

     Click on a plate below to view enlarged photos of plated stamps from that plate. Each photo is about 100K so they may take a moment to load. Where there is more than one photo for a given position, in general the first one shows the characteristics of that position the best.
     Plating is not for everyone but I would encourage anyone interested in the 3c 1851-57 issue to give it a try to see if it is. Plating can be a very satisfying long term endeavor for the right collector.
      First and foremost one needs a copy of "The 3c Stamp of the United States 1851-1857 Issue" by Carroll Chase. I prefer the 1942 Revised Edition which goes for $30-$60. The 1975 Quarterman Reprint goes for about the same price.
      To get one's feet wet, reconstructing the right 3 columns of plate 3 left might be a good start. This group of stamps is usually referred to as the "Three Rows" and contains the Scott Specialized listed and easily identified stamps with extra frame lines and missing inner lines. Illustrations and very detailed descriptions of all 30 positions are in Chase.
      One might then progress to plating plate 1-Late. For the most part, stamps from this plate are fairly easy to identify due to the distinctive recutting of the top of the UR diamond block. There are lots of shifted transfers on this plate along with distinctive recuts and combinations of recuts of the lines in the UL, LL, and LR triangles and left and right inner lines.
      To do serious plating one really needs the Chase reconstruction photos. These are 11x14 b&w glossy photos of the 26 reconstructed panes of 100 stamps each in actual size available from the Smithsonian. The complete set is a bit spendy at $500 but individual panes may be purchased at $25 each. At a minimum I would recommend purchasing the left pane of plate 3 and maybe the left and right panes of plate 1-Late.
      There are a number of web sites that have very good information on the 3c 1851-57's. The U.S. Philatelic Classics Society web site has links to these at:

Additional photos will be added as time permits. Please contact me if any photos fail to appear or if you discover any errors.

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               Plate 1-Early Left(5% Complete) Plate 1-Early Right(3% Complete)
               Plate 1-Intermediate Left(2% Complete) Plate 1-Intermediate Right(6% Complete)
               Plate 1-Late Left (100% Complete) Plate 1-Late Right (100% Complete)
               Plate 2-Early Left (11% Complete) Plate 2-Early Right (11% Complete)
               Plate 2-Late Left (100% Complete) Plate 2-Late Right (99% Complete)
               Plate 0 Left (9% Complete) Plate 0 Right (4% Complete)
               Plate 3 Left (100% Complete) Plate 3 Right (100% Complete)
               Plate 4 Left (73% Complete) Plate 4 Right (69% Complete)
               Plate 5-Early Left (8% Complete) Plate 5-Early Right (8% Complete)
               Plate 5-Late Left (100% Complete) Plate 5-Late Right (99% Complete)
               Plate 6 Left (32% Complete) Plate 6 Right (37% Complete)
               Plate 7 Left (100% Complete) Plate 7 Right (100% Complete)
               Plate 8 Left ( 41% Complete) Plate 8 Right (In Progress)

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